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The Sea Shift at Austin’s 2 is a great collocation between OwneTrick, StevenMator, and Scribby. They aim to bring an interesting and thrilling experience for the fan community. If you want to enjoy the game right now, quickly download it for free here.

The Sea Shift at Austin’s 2 Story

In this game, you will fall deeply into a creepy story in which you will play the role of the main character who will have horrible experiences.

Austin’s Pizza decided to close its door after 10 years since this location opened to the public.  And all of the animatronic robots were locked. But now, these characters of a lot of customers’ childhood are coming back and they are improved and enhanced a lot.

Austin and Joe’s Aquarium buys animatronics including Toxic, Austin, Gage, Hally, Wyatt, and Joe to please the customers. Nevertheless, those animatronic robots are not all they seem. They seem to hire the wrong employee…

And that location is where you come in.

What will happen to you next? Do these animatronic robots leave you alone? All you need to do is to try your best to survive.

That is all about The Sea Shift at Austin’s 2. If you want to continue to discover the rest of the story, don’t hesitate to get the game for free download here.


by: Scribby @Scribby