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The night is coming, and you are the night guard of a particular restaurant. Your job is not simple at all, and you must fight to win your life back from hell. There is something behind the door of your security room, but when you move the camera, none there. What will you do to win the challenge of The Withereds Manifest? You are the answer to your only life in this haunted place.

Even when it is hopeless to win the Five Nights at Freddy’s, the better you try, the faster you solve all the problems. If lucky, you might find out all the secrets of this place and get out in peace. And if not, you must spend the rest of your life live in fear and nightmare. You will never get out of here. These puppets are going to hunt you anywhere you go. Sound fun, right?

The FNAF will give you all the enjoy part you need in a horror game. Come and take the Withereds Manifest Free Download guild.

The Withereds Manifest Screenshots

By: Holopaxume @Holopaxume