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Twisted Reality: Origins is a game that you can choose which fear you will face. This game is only an offline game, but you can go online and check for a new mode. Each mode will bring you a different challenge that you need to come over each one of them to make your way out. There will be more obstacles when you come to the last night.

Twisted Reality: Origins Free Download
Twisted Reality: Origins Free Download

FNAF Games is about a night guard, and he works for an old restaurant that has been shut down for a long time. Night comes, and something is trying to get in his office. All he knows is the camera catches something moving and can make sure that he is the only one here. Maybe some creatures have gotten in this place and don’t know how to get out. But things may not be the way he knows.

Twisted Reality: Origins Free Download is very easy to do when you have a PC with you. This game is free, so you can have it and leave no money behind.


by: Panpaii @Panpaii