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Undertale: The Otherground will give you 4 characters, and each one will have their skill and detail.

Undertale: The Otherground Download for PC
Undertale: The Otherground
  • Louis: he has 20 HP points, and he is the only one that can hit that hard when fighting with monsters. You can choose him as the leader of your team. He is fast, healthy, and has good combat skills.
  • Sunny: He uses a lot of spells to help his friend in the fighting. This character doesn’t have many HP points, so keep your distance, or you will deaf in the battle.
  • Renee: she will be a good leader too, but you need to make sure he can follow you till the end. Because his battle skill is not that good, you need to train or keep her the best weapon you have.
  • Hui: she has 25 HP points, and her skill is amazing. She lived like a monster when she was a child. So her talent will look like a monster’s skill too.

This Fan Game Download will take you some time to finish the project. But then you will have your chance to play a free game. Undertale: The Otherground Download is now ready for PC players.


by: Team Otherground @poody_blue