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Five Nights at Freddy’s, not the first game, brings all the mechanical monsters into the game. But it will always be the game you need for your home fear experience. You must play the original one to see how beautiful this game is. All the sound and character, graphics, etc., have been completed very well. That is why we provide this game to be the best choice for the horror game.

Animator’s Hell brings you to some monster hideout. If you have a significant liver, why don’t you come to this place and try your best to get out of it? It is not a standard game for beignet to try what horror looks like. You must fight and fight to make your way out of this or die in sorrow.

Animator’s Hell free download will allow you to have this game on Pc. You can not play it on Mobile, but we also have some games for your phone. Check out for more FNAF production, and have fun with all these monsters!

Animator’s Hell Screenshots

By: Gestalt Games @GestaltGames