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BNC2 (2021 April Fools) is a new horror game, and this will bring you all the monsters you might know. Fan game will soon come with a new update. Check and download it.

BNC2 (2021 April Fools)

BNC2 (2021 April Fools) Free Download

BNC2 (2021 April Fools) will soon come to your PC and also your tablet. But this game is still working on the version for phones. The gameplay of this version will be the same, as you know. But the story has been changed, and you need to reread it. That will help you to know better about the gameplay. The battle will not stop until you reach the end of this game. Monsters come from the end of the game, so players will have to fight to win it.

Fangame has added all the monsters they have to this game. And they will be a lot different than other monsters you saw. They will look older and also have some details that have been remade. The owner of the game will control your fight with these monsters. But they will soon kill you and eat you alive. To stop that, go online and ask for someone to help your battle end well.

Need help? Come to BNC2 (2021 April Fools) Free Download and enjoy the game.


by: Mixlas @Mixlas