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Calacas Chidas: Horas Extra Free Download will bring you a nightmare. But this nightmare has only started, and there will be more from FNaF fan games.

Calacas Chidas: Horas Extra

About Calacas Chidas: Horas Extra

Calacas Chidas: Horas Extra free download is done. You can download the whole game we have now. But the updates for this game will still be in working. There will be more monsters, machines, and demons coming in. And you will be the one who needs to stand and fight with this. They will go for you first because you are the one who challenges them.

In this game, you will be night security, and your job will ensure this place is safe. All the property in this place will have to be kept secure. But who knows what could happen to them or you.

When the night comes, you realize your day is coming to an end. Calacas Chidas: Horas Extra monsters appear from nowhere and then try to kill you with their bare hand. These monsters know nothing but killing and eating humans. Will you make it to the final challenge!

FNaF games are all free horror games. Come to the main page where you can download them for your PC. Enjoy!


by: blackwolfgj @blackwolfgj