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Like many horror games you have played, this FNaF Fan Game also has its own story. This story is about a man who has a job that remains safe in an old building. But you want to do this easily. Things will stop you from sleeping well at night.

Five Nights at SonicEvan200's Free Download
Five Nights at SonicEvan200’s Free Download

Five Nights at SonicEvan200’s many have a famous character, but he is different. He is not the old Sonic that you know. He is scary and dangerous, and he also has a friend like him. You may be his friend too, but he won’t treat you like others.

There are some secrets you need to find by yourself. These secrets are about why Sonic became so terrible and what they have done to people before you.

Download Free Five Nights at SonicEvan200’s for PC and try this game for yourself. The fun begins the moment you walk into that place. Beware of any movement. The next thing you see may be the last thing you know! Good luck and see you at night at SonicEvan200’s!


Developers: SonicEvan200 @SonicEvan200