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Introduction to the Game – DEVIOUS MINDS

DEVIOUS MINDS could be a fan-made game that’s supported the globally well-received horror game Five Nights At Freddy’s created by Scott Cawthon. it’s wherever you’re able to expertise persistent moments with terrible animatronics. currently don’t hesitate to download the full version of this game and the sport for gratis on our web site.


Story of the Game – DEVIOUS MINDS

The game takes place in Gordon’s AI & Mechanics or GRM for brief. This place has provided tons of situation programs that contend with technical troubleshooting, programming AI, and tons of alternative fascinating activities. it’s price noting that this situation is barely for college kids United Nations agency have taken the course so as to induce a bachelor’s degree in Engineering Technology.

In addition, so as to require a lot of in-depth, this institution has received the robots that were taken advantage of at Grizzly’s Grills, that could be a joy and pleasant eating place for youngsters. In fact, there was an event happening then created them place in imprisonment mode and sent back to the present company that originally created them.

At the instant, this institution needs to rent you so as to troubleshoot the information for audio logs, also as update the protection system on the software system getting to management the robots. in addition, and also the most vital mission is to ascertain the robotics thus check that they’re not tampered with.

Now download the free version of this game – DEVIOUS MINDS for gratis and explore your fate!

Developer: Lester_Tellez @Lester_Tellez