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The Eddie and the Misfits games always give players more fun than they ever ask for. This game is based on an old story. In that story, you will be the man who has a simple job. And your job is to make your workplace safe from other people. But who knows what it can be when you work at an old place like this. Which things can live and run into you when you are on your duty? The answer will be in your gameplay at FNAF.

Eddie and the Misfits
Eddie and the Misfits

This game also supports players to run it online or offline. But you still have to play it alone, and there will be no players with you. These FNAF games have their own story, and other players find that interesting when playing a unique game.

Download Free Eddie and the Misfits will be on our page, and it will be free for you. Players should check for any updates available after they have the first download. It will be more than you can ever imagine!

Eddie and the Misfits Screenshots

By: Ramenov @Ramenov