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Fazbear’s Simulator Free Download is certainly what you are looking for. It is designed as a horror game coming with a lot of attractive elements such as unique graphics, characters, etc. If you are ready to enjoy the game, don’t hesitate anymore to download it for free here.

Download Fazbear’s Simulator


The game mainly stays true to the basic plot of the official Five Nights At Freddy’s game but still has its own attraction. This time, the player will play the role of the guard who is hired to be ready to work the night shift. In fact, the special thing you should notice in the workplace is animatronic robots. We want to let you know that these characters are mysterious and they will wander everywhere in the establishment during the night. They tend to roam and approach anyone they see. Therefore, besides watching out for the security of equipment and other properties, you must keep an eye on the weird behaviors of the animatronics.

You can use the camera system in your office to observe and know exactly what is happening. If you unexpectedly see the robots leaving their proper position and moving around, try your best to make them go away and keep yourself safe at any cost.

You can only enjoy the game in single-player mode.

Quickly download Fazbear’s Simulator for free here and start your job with many mysteries waiting for you.

Fazbear’s Simulator Screenshots

By: Scott Cawthon