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Fun Times at Homer’s will be the game for FNAF lovers, but this game will also bring you unique features. FNAF Games are free and come with valuable tips.

About Fun Times at Homer’s

Fun Times at Homer’s will have the main menu, and this will be where you find your mode. There will be some modes you can choose, such as:

  • Extra: this is not another mode you have played. There will be no choice on the difficulty in this game mode. You have only one chance to play and win. In the end, you will see some stories available to read.
  • Custom: you can see that all the machines we have for this game are plentiful. And you can choose all of them in your gameplay. Each one will send you a unique fear.
  • Shop: FNAF Games will send you a shop, and this shop will allow you to buy anything. We have machines, tools and some tips for you in the shop. Custom-able machines will allow you to make yourself a monster.

Even when this game is 2D graphic, it still brings you fun and fear. Fun Times at Homer’s Download Free will allow you to update and download the part of this game. Enjoy!


by: NickPerson @NickPerson