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The Web of Cogs and Oil that you’ll get at no cost transfer on our web site, is developed for all fans of the globally well-known horror game created by the far-famed author Scott Cawthon: Five Nights At Freddy’s. it’s solely tiny low fan-made game, not any official ones of the initial author, however it guarantees to offer all folks an awfully nice expertise. Welcome it right now!

The Web of Cogs and Oil Free Download
The Web of Cogs and Oil Free Download

Essentially, the sport could be a distinctive assortment of 4 fun very little survival minigames that takes inspiration from the initial Five Nights At Freddy’s. It consists of some acquainted faces, however, they’re currently in an exceedingly whole new means. As a result, it’s terribly pity if any of you ignore this game.

The Web of Cogs and Oil Overview

Story of the Game (FNAF Fan Game)

We believe that you just are about to be affected by the graphic and texture of the sport. it’s terribly nice however it actually causes you to haunted. the looks of characters in-game might build players feel afraid Associate in Nursingd it conjointly might become an unforgettable obsession. Therefore, if you’re vulnerable with any of those terrible components, please take some minutes to think about fastidiously whether or not you must play the game or not.

A collection of 4 fun very little Five Nights at Freddy’s galvanized survival minigames, that includes some acquainted faces, however in a wholly new means.

In conclusion, the online of Cogs and Oil is actually a formidable fan-made game thus transfer it at no cost with none hesitation.

This is a game that i have been engaged on with some friends for concerning 3 months currently, it absolutely was originally about to be for Allhallows Eve however we tend to had some complications, compassionate being thus late!

This game is type of Associate in Nursing AU reasonably game, it options characters from the FNaF franchise in an exceedingly new lightweight in new situations, all bundled up into four easy survival minigames!


Developer: Vitch @LazyThePotato_Vitch
Sub Links: mega.nz