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-GLIMMERING-NIGHTS- may be a fan-made game that’s inspirited by the notable horror series Five Nights At Freddy’s created by Scott Cawthon. It still stays faithful the initial FNAF however conjointly guarantees to bring all of you an awfully thrilling expertise. currently you’re ready to transfer it for free of charge here!


Best Fnaf Fan Game Overview


The game brings America to immerse ourselves in an exceedingly atrocious story. For an extended time past, Freddy Fazbear’s dish was established to be a world chain of restaurants and quickly became the height of children’s recreation. nonetheless, this edifice became a foul memory with many purchasers World Health Organization were compact. Everything pale long.

Not long subsequently, ‘Afton’s Workshop’ was established so everything from the previous restaurants was transported to the current new artificial intelligence facility. Especially, this facility are going to be a remarkable place within which the children’s fantasies are going to be dropped at life in an exceedingly new approach that’s additional advanced than robotics.

Freddy Fazbear’s dish was the height of children’s recreation and was nearly a worldwide chain of restaurants. However, that every one pale long and it became nothing, however a foul memory for those affected. Soon, everything was taken from the previous restaurants to the fresh artificial intelligence facility. ‘Afton’s Workshop’ may be a place that brings children’s fantasies to life in an exceedingly technique additional advanced than robotics.

The facility has opened for several weeks and you may do a brand new job here. you’re employed attributable to your expertise with artificial intelligence and maintenance. you may take the role of the manager and take responsibility for creating certain everything here works dead. However, bear in mind that these robots will interrupt your job.

And the game is that the last a part of the ‘Afton’s Workshop’ series. It takes place a few years once Freddy’s closed. This half allows you to own additional selections, however eventually, it conjointly leads you to identical ending.

Now you’ll transfer –GLIMMERING-NIGHTS- for free of charge here and luxuriate in it right away.


Developers: Dr. Cross @Dr-Cross
Sub Links: mega.nz