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Dolma Entertainment is a factory with old robots that are no longer working. Robo-Smith decided to deal with this factory to use old robots due to the new ones’ cost. The factory did accept it, but they have a little tip.

A team of scientists, including William Afton, hired a small place near Robo-Smith to perform their experiments. But the unexpected was that an incident happened. The scientists had to return Dolma to the circus as a way of solving the problem.

Five Nights at Dolma's 3 Free Download
Five Nights at Dolma’s 3 Free Download


Five Nights at Dolma’s 3 Gamejolt is a game for those who love the famous “Five Nights at Freddy’s” series, which is the creation of Scott Cawthon. As a horror game, this one happens in the same universe as FNaF and is a game for fans.

Dev team

The people involved in making this game include:

  • Phone Guide: MercWithAMouth
  • Game Engine: Clickteam Fusion 2.5.
  • Modeling: Blender, Cycles render.
  • Textures: CG Textures.
  • Audio Editing: Audacity.
  • Thumbnails, header, and teasers: Photoshop.
  • Sound Files & Original Idea: Scott Cawthon.

Try Five Nights at Dolma’s 3 Free Download now to add more new experiences.


Dev: Sagri98 @Sagri