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Five Nights at Freddy’s Revamp have a story, and you need to read it before starting this game.

You are the night guard that works only five nights at a food restaurant. This is only a pastime job of yours. The weird thing is that the shop owner will give you a significant amount of money just for five nights. So then you take it, and you don’t know what is waiting for you in that store.

The day slowly flows, but the night is the one thing you need to overcome. Most monsters in this game come from the Five Nights at Freddy’s. So there must be Bonnie, Foxy and Chica, and other monsters. We will try to give you more monsters than we can and make sure they serve you in the best way.

Downloading Five Nights at Freddy’s Revamp is not hard, and you can do it as long as you use Pc for playing this game. And the last note, don’t look back!


By: M4KEhour @M4KEhour