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Joyful Fears is a horror game for PC users, and this game will change some of you about the FNAF games. This is the only game that brings back the memory of the old factory. That is where these monsters are made, and they are trying to make more like them. Your main job in this game is to stop them from doing that and find an escape way.

Joyful Fears Free Download for PC

There will be more games for the Fan game category to follow our page to download other games. In this version, we will try to make some new adjustments for players to enjoy the game in the best way.

Also, in this game, we will provide some helpful items for you. Players can use these items to fight with monsters or slow them down. You can have more time to plan your way out of this horrible place.

Joyful Fears Free Download is always on for PC players. If you need a game for more fear, this game will be the one!


by: ApolloollopA @ApolloollopA