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FNaF Ultimate Edition 2 give you some new function such as:

  • The 6th night: in this mode, you can spend more time on the game’s story. There will be some new mini-games and challenges that you can play during the game.
  • Custom nights: this allows you to make your nights. You can choose which monster will appear in your gameplay and make the game harder by adding some monster combo.
  • The endless night: in this part, you will have to fight and fight all the time. There will be no rest in the game, and the player needs to raise their guard. Cause danger can come from anywhere and any time.

Five Nights at Freddy’s has its story to tell players; through this story, you can understand why these monsters are so dangerous. And why they want to hurt people. If there is any bug or error, it needs to be fixed. You can contact us for some help. FNaF Ultimate Edition 2 free download will also be included in this help.


By: Stefan25897 @Stefan25897