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Welcome To Sparky’s Free Download will be a horror day for you. In this new game, you will have your chance to meet all the Welcome To Sparky’s monsters and demons.

Welcome To Sparky’s Free Download is a game to play alone and play with other people. This game allows you to come to a place where monsters from the FNAF are hiding.

You will have to work as a night guard in this game, and something will come to you. This will be the job for your living, and you have to take it. There will be no other choice for you to take.

At night, you will have to check the machines, and they are the old machines that run this place. But since mudder happens here, they have been shut down and left there like forever.

Welcome To Sparky’s Download will be free to open for you all the time!

Fight or die!

Welcome To Sparky’s will focus more on making people feel scared. So there will be amazing jumpscare, features, and also some challenges you need to complete. There is no second chance to make it work the first time, for you shall die.


by: Kaisen @Kaisen