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Dark Deception is a horror fan-made game that is made inspired by the famous horror game series FNAF. This game is available for free download for all PC systems on our website.

Dark Deception

Dark Deception is quite different from the other games of the FNAF series as it allows players to free roam around the map. You will find yourself trapped in a maze, in which you have to survive monsters from another dimension.

You will get clues and instructions from a character called Bierce, an old woman character that will only be seen sometimes in the game. She wears a black dress and has silver hair. There will be no camera in this game as she is the only source of information that you will have.

The game will take place in Bierce’s Ballroom, which is connected to other dimensions using many portals. You will need to help Bierce get all Soul Shards for accomplishing the mission in the game and return to the living world.

In that dimension, you will encounter different monsters led by Malak, they include:

  • Lucky the Rabbit
  • Dread Duckies
  • Reaper Nurses
  • Agatha
  • Gold Watchers
  • Murder Monkeys
  • Mama Bear


by Glowstick Entertainment @GlowstickEntertainment