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Nightmare at Charles is a game that is similar to Five Nights at Freddy’s. You meet Charles Rabbit and his friends throughout the night.

Nightmare at Charles Free Download
Nightmare at Charles Free Download

Instead of coming to Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria, you will be taken to Charles’ Pizza Zone. This is an amazing place where kids can play together. Not only that, but the adults can also come for fun. The restaurant is famous for its tasty pizza. There are also more than 60 Electronic Arcade games to play. You can even dance and play with animatronics as well.

Those activities are for the daytime online. This means when the night comes, the whole restaurant is completely different. You come here to work as a night watchman. There is an office for you to sit in, but the feeling is quite scary. The whole place is surrounded by drawings done by children. Besides, there are some posters that feature many creepy characters. All of them start moving around the restaurant and aim to defeat you. They are getting to your place, so you must defend yourself from them. Once you have completed your mission, it will be your victory moment!

Nightmare at Charles free download puts your skills to the next level. Play and have fun with it!


by: Official_AndrewJohn100 @Official_AndrewJohn100