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Will you stay in a frightening place with clones that can move and talk like humans? They are not friendly, of course, not like the original purpose. They will try to find you and hunt you down, so don’t hide. Let run before they can catch you.

Five Nights at Sonic’s: A Edgy Universe has many different characters like Sonic and Mario. But they look scary, maybe because inside they are not machines anymore for those who still have no idea about the Five Nights at Freddy’s.

It is a story that you are the main. You have to guard a restaurant that has a lot of machines. They are not your friend, especially at night. All they want is to scare you and maybe harm you. You have to stay in that place for five days until the owner comes back. Many FNaF Fan Games have been made too. Most of them have different stories, but the same gameplay as the original one.

Five Nights at Sonic’s: A Edgy Universe free download. Invited some friends to play with you for better joy. Good luck and good night!

Developers: Saensodel @Saensodel