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Five Nights With Mr. Hugs (& Friends) Free Download, which is for free download here, is one of the most enjoyable fan-made games of the FNAF series. It is a great chance for you to have incredible experiences with Mr.Hugs, the main character.

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In the game, you will be engulfed in a horror story that centers around a bakery named Freddy Fazbear. Children and their parents can come to the cake store and enjoy delicious cakes. The main responsibility of this bakery is to deliver cakes for Fazbear restaurants and they also make cakes with the aim of responding to the need for parties to get more profits. Nevertheless, one day, the bakery realizes that the air system has been broken down for an unknown reason, so they need a janitor to vacuum the filth.

You will play the role of this janitor. However, we want to let you know that you must be careful with self-aware vacuum cleaners. They are dangerous! They suddenly become evil and start to wander around your workplace. They tend to suck up everything they encounter so if you see them come close, make them go away from you at any cost.

In addition, you also need to close the door to the security cameras. Notice that your monitor just has a limited charge so you are forced to clean the room 80% before finishing the work shift. If you can not complete your mission, the bakery will fire you immediately.

Download Five Nights With Mr. Hugs (& Friends) for free here.

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