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Introduction of the Game – Five Zany Nights

Five Zany Nights for gratis on our website, free version of this game is available which is cost free to download it and experience its gameplay on your PC, so as to relish one amongst the fascinating fan-made game. it’s created with the aim of conveyance all folks unforgettable experiences as you expect.

Five Zany Nights Screenshots
Five Zany Nights Screenshots

Story of the Game

The game brings North American country to immerse ourselves into an exciting story that takes place in Rye and Co’s Zany store. it’s an area store as well as zaniest and craziest fantasies. the most attraction of this store is robotics that square measure accustomed dance and sing to entertain customers, particularly children. Recently, this place has determined to rent an evening guard so as to appear when these animatronic robots still as different stuff at midnight.

And you’ll take the role of this guard and work from twelve am to six am tomorrow. However, you have got to use caution on every occasion thanks to the attack of these robots. they’re able to kill you whenever you are doing not look. attempt to check and monitor the camera, and hear their positions. If you understand one thing weird happening, quickly shut the doors in your workplace to shield yourself. nobody can take responsibility for any injury throughout your work.

Can you survive Five Nights at Zany Pizzeria? Get the game for free from our Official website.


Developer: Squeezy @Squeezy
Sub Links: mega.nz