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Fredbear & Friends: REC have new features for you, and they are:

Fredbear & Friends: REC - Better than ever Free Download
Fredbear & Friends: REC – Better than ever
  • Added a unique gameplay style for players so they can enjoy the game in different ways.
  • You can join some puzzle games in this version. They will come with some benefit and help you earn more experience.
  • The game will send you a reward when you make it to a new level of this game. After collecting all the rewards, you will have your chance to open a new mode.
  • New FNAF Song has been added to this version for you. This version will allow you to come and enjoy the new scary screen. You can also custom some soundtrack in this game. They will give you more fun in your own game.
  • This game also has some new movements when players run away from monsters. The move will belong to the parkour sport. It will be the best gameplay you have ever played.

Fredbear & Friends: REC Free Download is suitable to run on your PC. You can only download and play this on a PC.


by: Rushanplays @Rushanplays_Official