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Fredbear’s Fright APK For Android is not just a game. And it is a horror game. You can find many scary things in this masterpiece. In this game, you will be a security guy who has a job to protect a store night and day. You will be safe as the sunrise, but when the dark comes, everything will change if anything you can do is just run and find a way to stay alive at any cost.

Fredbear's Fright Android Free Download
Fredbear’s Fright Android Free Download

APK Fredbear’s Fright Android brings a new kind of fear to the player. If you don’t stay awake, bad things are going to happen to you. There are some cameras you can use to watch out for their movement at night. You also have a flashlight to help you walk in the dark. However, these demons are not going to scare that kind of light.

Fredbear also has friends with it, and you should know all of them before making any move. They have a plan to “welcome” you to their place. Good luck, my friend, find the fastest way to get out of this mess before it’s too late!


Dev: Funtime,Foxy @FuntimeJonathan