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The developer of the Fyrat’s Ice Cream (Cancelled) free download is JoelSpringtrap. It features two levels and five different Easter eggs. The Play Station camera system (P.S system) is removed as it is difficult to match with other features. Don’t worry! It is a demo. All necessary features will appear in the full release.

Fyrat's Ice Cream (Cancelled) Screenshots
Fyrat’s Ice Cream (Cancelled) Screenshots

Before playing the Fyrat’s Ice Cream (Cancelled), you should read the warning as it is a horror game. It contains disorienting effects, loud noises, and jump scares. Please play at your own risk. If you have heart disease, you should not play it.

The plot of the demo for FNAF is around the Fyrat’s Ice Cream (Cancelled) Company. Recently they have purchased a set of animatronic characters for their restaurant to grow attention and customers. But they are strange at night. If you want to know how it looks, try playing the game.

To play Fyrat’s Ice Cream, you should:

  • Click on certain areas to walk to them. You have a mini-map that helps you know where you are and where these certain areas are.
  • Click on the items to collect them. They may come in handy later on.

Note: Each item is unique and works completely different than the last. Small guides will be shown for each item.

  • Check the camera system to see what is happening around you. Click on each camera to control everything. Make sure that the astronomic characters can’t attack and harm you.

For more information about Fyrat’s Ice Cream free download, click here. Give the demo a try and wait for the full release.

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