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Belonging to the FNaF Fan Games, horror one brings you a more realistic sound to imagine how scary these monsters are. When the sun rises, they will stop talking, but things will change more viral when the dark comes.

They not only use their voices to scare you, but they also try to harm you with claws and sharp teeth.

Inside My Head: Part 1 (Official) brings back the old way of horror games, which scare players with a good story. The more you know about this game, the better your experience will be. Maybe because they know what these monsters are talking about.

Five Nights at Freddy’s is not a new game and series, but it still attracts players no matter boy or girl. Who said old is not right?

Inside My Head: Part 1 (Official) free download for a player using PC and play online. The new update will be delivered to you as soon as it is complete. Good luck, my friend, and I hope you have a good, scary trip to this game!

Developers: NidiGames @NidiGames