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Mac Tonight: Eclipse Free Download is a horror game with all the fear you can know. These games are made and have been added to Mac Tonight: Eclipse collection.

Mac Tonight: Eclipse for PC will be that one best game you can join and fight with monsters. There will be no extra night, custom night or endless night mode in this version.

All you have will be the five nights, and these monsters will be your enemy.

If you want to win them, you need to fight with all you have. The better version will soon be updated for you right here.

Mac Tonight: Eclipse

There will be five nights that you need to join at the end. The nightmare inside them will be unique for you to explore.

About the tips for you to win this game, we have some good ones for you:

  • It would be best if you keep your power at a high level. This is the first thing you need to know. Low power will also mean the monsters can come and kill you anytime.
  • There will be a sound before you see the monsters.
  • The final night will be when all the monsters come, so you better be repaired.
  • Mac Tonight: Eclipse gamejolt will allow you to play offline.


by: DoctorDoggo @AmberMoonGames