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Introduction to the Game – One Night at Flumpty’s 3 Fan

Created is one in every of the foremost gratifying fan-made games inspirited by the worldwide illustrious horror series Five Nights at Freddy’s by Scott Cawthon. keep in mind that it’s not the continuation of the One Night At Flumpty series. Don’t hesitate to transfer it for free of charge on our web site so as to relish the attention-grabbing expertise within the game.

One Night at Flumpty's 4 Fan-Made Free Download
One Night at Flumpty’s 4 Fan-Made Free Download

Game includes:

  • All of the Flumpty characters. as well as the off One Week at Flumpty’s ones
    4 current characters
  • Plenty of selectable modes. Examples vary to a standard night mode and a custom night, and lots of more!
  • Very similar art vogue to the initial
  • A wave of longing.

Story of the Game

This game isn’t a continuation to any ONaF games or OWaF (Fan-Made) this game is simply created for fun, expect loads of references, some however not several egg jokes and an enormous wave of nostalgia.

However, we have a tendency to believe that it’ll surprise you initially sight with its graphic. it’s lovely and distinctive.

Despite its easy graphics, you’ll be additionally ready to relish thrilling and atrocious experiences. the sport consists of loads of jump scares. As a result, if you’re prone to this component, you must contemplate your safe rigorously before you choose to transfer and play it.

If you’re able to explore the globe in One Night at Flumpty’s three Fan created, you’re ready to get onto for free of charge transfer here and luxuriate in it at once.


Developer: Jonathan_T @Jonathan_T