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Painted Gold Free Download will be about a fear that comes from the FNAF original. This version will follow the old game and make new features of it. Painted Gold is free!

Painted Gold for PC is now free for you. All you need right now is to download this one from the main website. We have some new updates that you might need for your game there.

Painted Gold new things:

We only have some new changes for this game, and they mainly come from the story. In this game, you will be the big staff, and your job will ensure the night of your restaurant.

The more you stay here, the better you will know about this place. All the machines will come from the same game name FNAF. There will be some monsters, and their names are Foxy. Freddy, Bonine, and Chica.

If you want to win against them, you need to find out what their nightmare is. And when you know it, there will be nothing that can stop you from killing them all.

Painted Gold gamejolt download:

This is a free game so that you can download it without any problem. The better version will be on PC, and more features will be updated for that one.


by: MidaGames  @MidaGames