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Introduction to the Game – Fazbear’s Shootout (Test game)

Fazbear Shootout (Test Game) can tell you another animatronic story within the Fazbear amusement. This is another amazing game that has been developed and processed to the gamers. There are lot of positive reviews about this game from many users.

Fazbear's Shootout (Free Download)
Fazbear’s Shootout (Free Download)

Story of the Game – Fazbear’s Shootout (Test game)

The situation of the sport happens on your 1st day in Fazbear amusement. on it day, you’ll not have to be compelled to work, what you’ve got to try to to is to do the arcade machine and play on that. Fazbear amusement guarantees you that the complete amount of the icons/credits you’ve got consumed on the arcade are going to be smartly used, and not dropped at the company entities to satisfy the investors.


Various levels with their own specific theme

  • Divers things to buy
  • Re-playable price
  • Optional OST

Customizable maps with customizable robotics

  • Controls
  • W A S D – Move
  • LMB, RMB, A – For item
  • E – act
  • Computer demand
  • Desktop computer Windows
  • Windows seven 64-bit

Quad-core Intel or AMD Processor, 2.5 gigacycle or faster

  • 6GB RAM or higher

In short

With a dim background furthermore graphics, Fazbear Shootout (Test Game) ought to be in your game list straight away. Install Fazbear Shootout (Test Game) and skill the sport straight away. Please notice that this can be simply the take a look at game, therefore the error isn’t evitable.

Download the free version of this game from our website, download button is given below, click the button and enjoy the game by yourself


Developer: UE4-FNaF-FanGame-Dev @Random_UE4_Dev

Sub Links: mega.nz