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Sans Simulator 2 that allows North American country to transfer for gratis on our web site, is a noteworthy horror fan-made game of the popular series Five Nights At Freddy’s by Scott Cawthon. it’s back with the second half and is very suggested for all FNAF’s fans round the world.

Sans Simulator 2 Free Download
Sans Simulator 2 Free Download

The game is primarily a turn-based multiplayer sandbox game that comes beside these following new things:

New attacks! the sport consists of many classic attacks that the primary game failed to include: like the Bone stab move, rotating Gaster working man, and far a lot of. additionally, the developer tried to feature different new attacks like Bouncing bones, Homing-Bones, etc.

Moddable! its price noting that the sport is totally moddable that means that you simply area unit ready to customize san’s sprites still as replace Megalovania along with your favorite music. it’s more or less tough. you only have to be compelled to customize the sprites from the game’s directory. we have a tendency to believe that you simply can get pleasure from “Ness Simulator” or “Garfield Simulator”.

New modes! the sport is meant to contain a single-player mode and a challenge mode reaching to facilitate players to expertise varied diversion modes. the primary machine simply enclosed only-local multiplayer mode therefore currently the developer decides to feature a singer-player mode within which players will fight a computer hardware in a very 1vs1 combat which is best FNAF fan games.

New soul type! the primary game simply contained four soul sorts however during this game, it’ll be else the purple and switch soul.

Don’t hesitate to transfer Sans Simulator 2 for gratis here and luxuriate in its new options.

New attacks! like i aforesaid before, this point I am making an attempt to be a lot of trustworthy to the initial fight, therefore I am progressing to embrace some classic attacks the primary game did not have, like rotating Gaster Blasters, the Bone stab move etc… I am even progressing to add spanking new attacks just like the Homing-Bones, Bouncing bones and far more!


Dev: G_Sluke32 @SlukeGames
Sub Links: mega.nz