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Past Show (FNaF Skin Game) has released the newest version for you. This version of the game will soon have some updates for Five Nights at Freddy’s new machines.

Past Show (FNaF Skin Game)

Past Show (FNaF Skin Game) Free Download

Past Show (FNaF Skin Game) is a game that brings new skin for players. This version will allow you to buy some skins from the store. These skins will be available for your monsters, your machines, and some of them are free. You can also unlock the skin when you move to the new stage of this game.

This game will tell you a story about the monsters that live in a haunted place called Freddy pizza store. Five Nights at Freddy’s will be the game that allows you and other players to play along. Each stage of this game will be different and difficult.

You need to complete all the stages of this game if you want to move to the last round. There will be some monsters that want to take your shoulder away. You shall need this version to make your game even better with the updates.

Past Show (FNaF Skin Game) Free Download is added to the main page. You can get your game there. Have fun!


by: Circus (Tailia) @CircusP