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Introduction to the Game – Six Horrors 2

Six Horrors 2 a pair of, that is at no cost transfer on our web site, takes inspiration from the FNAF series and is created to be an agreeable fan-made game for all fans World Health Organization wish to possess fascinating and haunting experiences.

Six Horrors 2 Free Download
Six Horrors 2 Free Download

Story of the game – Six Horrors 2

Ten years later when the mysterious event of the questionable hearth happening in Toony’s. there have been plenty of controversies took around this case however the police haven’t been potential to search out out World Health Organization was a offender. when this event, one company determined to shop for the rights of the Toony’s name and supposed to undertake their best to reclaim the native pizza parlor. They began to produce a totally new animatronic for Toony with a a lot of trendy look. All others were taken in elements and repair, and that they were left unrestored for spare elements.

However, some native folks say that they unexpectedly see these robotics peek through the door of the elements and repair space. currently it’s time for you to figure as an evening guard during this place and explore if this is often true. nobody will check that of your safety. As a result, throughout your work, check the camera system fastidiously to form certain everything is alright. If not, defend yourself.

Now transfer Six Horrors 2 a pair of at no cost here and find out the remainder of the story.

This game is totally free to be download from our Official website. Full version of this game is free of cost .Download it now by clicking the download button given below and enjoy it on your own pc and it’s gameplay.


Developer: ToonsterGames @ToonsterGames95

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