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SOMNUS: R Series is made and developed by (Real)_Cyberwolf who really wants to bring an unforgettable horror game for the fan community. Feel free to download it here.

SOMNUS: R Series download for pc


The game takes place in the year 2023 in which a group of people including Fazbear Entertainment enthusiasts, engineers, and investors made a plan to re-open the old pizzeria chain. They decided to use a new name: Daniel and Friends. Especially, this new place features new animatronic characters, new attractions, and many other things in order to bring their childhood memory back to the customers but not keep the old name. After their well-preparation to combine the old feeling with the new one, they finally open the fantastic medium named the “Explorers”. One special thing is that the characters are capable of behaving exactly what humans behave. As a result, it will be the best companions for children.

It is a fact that the engineers did not make the robots functioning but they were just tests. These tests did not have certain names so the engineers decided to call them by numbers. If any of the characters do not function, they will be thrown away.

Daniel and Friends eventually opened and kids seem to love this new location. Nonetheless, they also seem to forget one important thing. The tests have a similar technology that the explorers also have. Consequently, they have the ability to think as they do. And they seem to be angry.

Let’s get started to download SOMNUS: R Series for free here.


by: (Real)_Cyberwolf @realcyberwolf