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Super FNaF or super Five Night at Freddy’s, was created by LSF development and published on December 24, 2016. Since its appearance, this adventure game still has kept its appeal up to now.

Super FNaF free download by LSF Development
Super FNaF free download by LSF Development

Super FNaF is centered on the story of 5 spirit children attempting to avenge their deaths at the hand of a purple dude. It happens in the FNaF 1 pizza shop with more than 20 rooms to explore, as well as other environments, and different interesting scenery, namely Fazbears Fright or Fredbears.

There are some basic key controls you need to know about, include:

  • Movement: arrow keys/WASD
  • Interact with object: up
  • Advance dialogue: down
  • Inventory: i
  • Switching Characters: c
  • Jumping: shift/space
  • Running: ctrl
  • Closing inventory: up
  • Map toggle: m
  • Picking up item: open inventory + down
  • Screenshot: F9
  • Fullscreen: F4

If you want to play like a pro, we highly recommend you should apply some useful tricks:

  • You can speed up in Mangle’s minigame by applying up and down
  • Run in Toy Freddy’s minigame. Seriously. Just do it!
  • You can speed up or slow down using left and right during Foxy Hallway Runner

And one more thing, Super FNaF is NOT a virus, so don’t worry about free downloading the game. As long as you don’t download it from the third party website, just from the official page, Gamejolt, then there is no risk at all.

What are you awaiting without getting this marvelous adventure game right away?


What will happen to you next? Download Super FNaF for free here and discover the rest of your destiny.

Developer: @LSFDevelopment