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Even when this game only takes 400M TEALERLAND

B of space in your disk, it makes your game a better experience. This game has anything you need from graphics, sounds, character, and gameplay. The story of Five Nights at Freddy’s has remained, but the player will have more experience through the gameplay. Some new objects, quests and features have been added too.


You can also see in this game, and monsters are different from the other game because they are new monsters and have been made to give you further contact with the other world. If you want to win them, first you need to understand how to play this Fan game.

There will be a lot of places you can wander in TEALERLAND. Each class will have some clue for you. Use them to beat these monsters and win your way out.

TEALERLAND free download is added to this post. You can check for this game from other pages too. But the best feeling of fear and scare will only provide on our page. Thank you for your support!

By: NeeTroo @NeeTroo