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The Darkside Detective Free Download will allow you to get in a case. This case will lead you and your sidekick to a place called Twin Lakes.

Many strange things happen in this place. And most of them will be mysteriously missing. It would be best to solve this case before it gets too big and all the people here could die.

More about the story:

The Darkside Detective allows you to become a real mystery detective. And your name will be McQueen.

The world you need to fight in this game will be a horror one. You have to complete some challenges and remember all the details. This will be a good way for you to win the game and get to the end of it.

This is 16 bits, so there might be some low-qualified detail. But we think that the story and sound of The Darkside Detective Horror Game will be a strong point that brings people to the game. Come and see if you can solve the mystery of this game!


by Spooky Doorway @SpookyDoorway