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The Joy of Creation: Story Mode is another huge hit of the FNaF universe from Nikson and his team. this is often a tremendous indie horror survival computer game with a click-and-point engine. begin the journey darkly on your robot devices by downloading its APK for robot here!

The Joy of Creation: Story Mode APK Free Download
The Joy of Creation: Story Mode APK Free Download

This is a cool creation within the gameplay and plot. completely different from the primary large boom of Scott Cawthon, players can no additional work as an evening guard during this version. rather than that, they’ll got to manage to search out out the hidden secrets within the house through the eyes of Scott Cawthon (the developer of FNaF) and his family. this implies players will get pleasure from the sport with their idol, and be a hero by saving their idol from grave dangers and dreadful nights. With this, the sport has brought nice excitement to most of all players.

The game was uploaded on July seventeenth, 2017. As time lapsed, additional and additional YouTubers started enjoying it, that boosted its quality even additional.


The game offers some exclusive options as delineate below:

  • Play completely different characters every night, together with Nick, Val, Michael, and Scott.
  • Experience completely different backgrounds every night, from the bedchamber, lounge, basement, attic to workplace.
  • Facedown seven lit robotics with five completely different levels.
  • Provide tapes for clues.
  • Request for sight-seeing skills to survive from twelve am to six am.

Grasp the prospect to be the savior or your idol with this game! The APK the thrill of Creation: Story Mode is prepared for free of charge transfer here for your phones!

TJOC – the thrill Of Creation Story – indie horror game. In TJOC – the thrill Of Creation Story play through the eyes of Scott and his family, as they fight to survive within their own residence on the dreadful.

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Developers: DAMYS @DAMYS
Sub Links: mega.nz