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Abandoned: Discover Island could be a fangame of the common alarming series – Five Nights at Freddy’s. The Official game was developed and can be downloaded for free from our official website to enjoy the game.

Abandoned: Discovery Island Free Download
Abandoned: Discovery Island Free Download


The whole amount of games is that the former efforts to remake the Five Nights at Treasure Island game, with a various level of achievements. Since that point, larger revivals are introduced, nevertheless individuals still wish to work out the charm in these in spite of their errors and the way completely different they’re from the official version to end AnArt1996’s ancient fangame.

Plentiful photos and jumpscares were created by AnArt1996 and SubwooferX3 from the previous version of the first Five Nights at Treasure Island. Whatever called a game, it was developed on the basis of Island Discovery.

One day Discovery Island was swarming with life, and ostensibly subsequent, the island was abandoned while not a transparent reason why.

. Discovery Island is slowly attenuation from visitor’s recollections, having been abandoned for twenty years.

Wonderfully developed game that always attracted its fans with its good graphics and settings.

Whether you accustomed visit Discovery Island on field visits or along with your family — and still remember on some time there lovingly — or are merely interested in all things film producer (and what may have been) we’re shedding lightweight on the mystery that surrounds this once-captivating zoological park.


Dissimilar to some horror fangames of Five Nights at Freddy’s, Five Nights at Treasure Island has been fallen off the map when a protracted nonce launched. Thus, Abandoned: Discover Island has appeared as a substantial effort so as to remake the sport and attract additional users. All you’ve got to try to to is simply clicking on the “Download” button and find the sport without delay.


Developer: Desko @FateForWindows