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Alternative Ultimate Custom Night is a free FNAF based game. Let’s download and start to launch a survival battle between the security guard and cunning animatronics!

Alternative Ultimate Custom Night download for pc

Alternative Ultimate Custom Night

It’s a horror FNAF fan-game. It’s similar to FNAF: Ultimate Custom Night. However, it owns a roster of FNAF animatronics selected by 10 devs.

The battlefield is set in a creepy pizza restaurant in the local. In which, you will work as a night watchman and you’re going to encounter the most dangerous enemies.

The rivals will be animatronics and evil characters coming from Five Nights at Freddy’s game by Scott Cawthon.

How to begin AUCN

Choose a hostile cast including the opponents you like.

Reset their difficulty from 0 to 20.

Press the Go button and you can enter the office

Join Alternative Ultimate Custom Night Free Download you must prevent them from catching you. Open the game and fight!


by: Alex Scholebo @CryptoSporidium1