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Undertale is an indie RPG owned by developer Toby Fox. The story in Undertale revolves around a child who is dropped into an underworld full of monsters and a dangerous giant titan. Between the battle of humans and the tough monster, the child is responsible for fighting and finding and rescuing people kidnapped by monsters.

Clickertale 2 (Undertale Clicker) is a game fan inspired by the aforementioned Undertale game. Like the original game, Clickertale 2 also made a big splash in the gaming community that loves the gameplay style inherited from Undertale.

In Clickertale 2, you will confront Clickgaster – an enemy with a malicious intent to prevent you from reaching your destination. Meanwhile, Goner Kid and G followers are on your side. They will rescue you when Clickgaster kidnaps you. Be wary because Clickgaster may deceive you and set you in a trap. And remember, don’t trust anyone completely. Not only with Clickgaster, be wary of those beside you.

Although derived from the inspiration by the original game, Clickertale 2 has different gameplay. What is the difference you should explore for yourself at Clickertale 2 (Undertale Clicker) Free Download? What are you waiting for without installing this fascinating Fan Game right away?

Clickertale 2 (Undertale Clicker) Screenshots

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