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Employees had to shut down Coffy’s Café for a remodel and return a year later due to a terrible incident. Yes, it’s back with new attractions and new fun. Are you eager to know how it has changed?

Coffy's: Enhanced (Official) Free Download
Coffy’s: Enhanced (Official) Free Download

After five years when Coffy’s Café reopens, you know you need a job to keep your apartment open. Finding a really good job is not easy, so a night guard seems acceptable to you now. Do you think you’ll find another job better after that? Oh no, it’s a shame to say that it is your last job.

At the start of Coffy’s: Enhanced (Official), you’ll notice you’re in a hallway, and to the right, you have a window. You must try to stay calm. At this point, you need to use a flashlight to search for things by your side. If so, you will be given the best option by the security system to defend and reboot the system.

You are a night guard, but your job is not to just stay there until 7 am. You have to go to the screen, execute all pending purchases. You have to do everything, don’t miss anything.

You can get Coffy’s: Enhanced (Official) free download, Five Nights at Freddy’s fan game will be excited about this game.


Dev: Team: Caffeinated Studios @Raffler_CEO