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Dark Deception is a fan-made game that is free for download here on our website. It is made inspired by the FNAF horror game series, however, it features a whole lot different story and gameplay.

Dark Deception

Dark Deception is a standalone game, which is not related to any game of the main series or the other fan-made game. However, the story of it is quite completed, it is also attractive to players for its stunning graphics.

This game features another dimension of the distortion world, in which you are an individual who got lost. You will have no weapon on your side to fight against those monsters who are living in this world.

It is also made in the first-person perspective like the first games of the main series, however, you will obtain the ability to free-roam around the map. There will be no camera as well as the mysterious phone guy who helps you with the clue in the game. Instead, there is a new character called Bierce.

As we don’t want to spoil the game to you anymore, it is recommended that you should download and try the game yourself. Dark Deception is free for download on our website.


by: Glowstick Entertainment @GlowstickEntertainment