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Ennard’s Night + Android Official APK has all the elements you need in a horror game. It not only brings you all the thrill you want but also gives you nightmares at Night. Even when this game contains only a few scare screens, it comes with a good story.

Through the story, you can see all the hurt and sorrow that the character has to suffer. The more you play this game, the better you get the author’s point.

The original Five Nights at Freddy’s is much scarier. I can say this game has lowered the fear for players but still gets 100 points. In the game, you not only have to find the fastest way to kill and disabled all the machine puppets.

But you also have to do some tasks to win the game. There Are only five nights to play, and there is no custom night.

Ennard’s Night + Android Official free download is not difficult to do. Some instructions will be provided for players. And more updates will be sent to you, believe me, players!

By: Pzicosis @Pzicosis