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Fazbear Tycoon has similar gameplay as the tycoon game. It has a side view similar to the side roller. You scroll through the screen by using the arrows on the left and right sides of the screen. There is a button on the top of the screen to change the pizza shop you’re in and a second button that takes you to the store.

Fazbear Tycoon
Fazbear Tycoon

Fazbear Entertainment recently launched a job listing for someone to become one of their new managers; now it’s time to shine!

Turn the old, winding shack you see before your eyes into a luxury restaurant. Build your restaurant using all of your favorite characters from previous locations! Decorate with a wide range of items from many categories. Set up a great venue that draws people back to the dining experience you will provide.

What does Fazbear Tycoon Download offer?

  • Factors story
  • Customizable pizza shop similar to FFPS
  • New game OST
  • Small games
  • Classic nights
  • Rescue event
  • Themes inside the Pizzeria

Join this FNaF new game to find out the fun for yourself!

Fazbear Tycoon Screenshots

By: Undead_Army1987 @Undead_Army1987