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Five Nights at Freddy’s is a game from the series horror game. In this game, you will be a security guy. At night something is trying to get into your night guard room, and they not only try to kill you but make you bleed. This is an old story of many FNaF fan games, and you can meet them everywhere.

Five Nights at Sonic's Pizza Restaurant (FNaS:PR)

Five Nights at Sonic’s Pizza Restaurant (FNaS: PR) is a little bit different from this. The main character was Sonic. But this is not the cartoon, game character you used to know. He always has an impassive face and does things like cream and move unpredictably. This creature is also not alone, and you have to face another monster too. The whole story of this place will be reviewed for you at the end.

Five Nights at Sonic’s Pizza Restaurant (FNaS: PR) download is supported for pc users. And you can get more help on our page too. Sit down and relax because there will be scary screens. FNaF download is now available, don’t miss it!


By: B|_UE @BlueDV