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Five Nights: Scrapped Free Download is created by mikequeen123 who is a regular fan of the Five Nights At Freddy’s series. Due to the popularity of the official game, the mikequeen123 decided to have his own game with the aim of bringing a fun game for players. Let’s get started to download the game for free here.

Download Five Nights: Scrapped

Although being inspirited by the FNAF series, this fan-made game does not bring the players to join any specific story. Basically, the game comes with simple and straightforward gameplay. After launching and entering the game, the player will have a limited amount of time showing on the top left of the screen to complete the main mission. The specific mission is to try to stay alive until the time is up. Whenever the time reaches 0, the game will finish instantly. Especially, the difficulty level in the game will be gradually increased. You will start at an easy level and then change to normal and hard levels.

In the beginning, because the level is easiest, the player just needs to play with one animatronic robot and that has no truly challenged. But then when the difficulty increases, the number of dangerous robots will be added more. Remember that animatronic characters do not have the same behavior and feature. A few are fast, some are capable of chasing the player longer.

Download Five Nights: Scrapped for free and enjoy your relaxed time.

Five Nights: Scrapped Screenshots

By: mikequeen123 @mikequeen123