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Introduction to the Game – Five Unreal Nights at Freddy’s LEGACY EDITION

Five Unreal Nights at Freddy’s LEGACY EDITION, that is for free of charge transfer here on our web site, is created to be a motivating fan-made game inspirited by the illustrious horror game Five Nights At Freddy of Scott Cawthon. It guarantees to bring all people several memorable experiences.

Five Unreal Nights at Freddy's LEGACY EDITION (Free Download)
Five Unreal Nights at Freddy’s LEGACY EDITION (Free Download)

Story of the Game – Five Unreal Nights at Freddy’s LEGACY EDITION

You will take the role of the most character UN agency is trying to find a summer job. And currently you’re employed as a guard at Freddy Fazbear’s dish, a good place for kids and fogeys to go to for diversion and food! the most attraction of this store is Freddy Fazbear, and his 2 friends.

They are animatronic robots want to build the crowds happy! but, nobody will make a case for why the behavior of those robotics has become somewhat strange and unpredictable at the hours of darkness. Therefore, they need to rent you as a guard rather than finding a service man for value savings

Your job is to observe and monitor rigorously the safety cameras to create positive the safety of this place. However, you have got a restricted quantity of electricity use per night. so as words, once you run out of power for the night, it’ll don’t have any a lot of security doors and no a lot of lights! If you notice Freddy Fazbear or his friends don’t seem to be in their places, you have got to examine and realize them on the camera and bear in mind to safeguard yourself if needed!

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Developer: xZaki @PatrykZX

Sub Links: mega.nz